Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.

HASSchats Introduction

HASSchats encourage questioning and researching, analysing, evaluating, communicating and reflecting and explore concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability and change.

HASSchats explore the understanding of colonial Australia in the 1800s and some of the significant events and people who shaped the political and social structures at that time.

HASSchats consider the value we place on our heritage and what we as citizens should do to preserve and conserve it for future generations.

HASSChats allow students to:

  • Identify current understandings, consider possible misconceptions and identify personal views on a topic
  • Develop and refine a range of questions required to plan an inquiry
  • Use criteria to determine the relevancy of information
  • Interpret information and/or data collected
  • Identify different points of view/perspectives in information and/or data
  • Draw and justify conclusions, and give explanations, based on the information and/or data
  • Use decision-making processes
  • Reflect on learning, identify new understandings and act on findings in different ways.

HASSchats allow students to gain respect and concern for others and their rights; to pursue knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential and to embrace social, civic and environmental responsibility.

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