Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.

Engineering at the Palace Hotel


Design Thinking ” Design Thinking for Educators

Design Thinking is a mindset. Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in education.

Before you actively conserve and adapt your own piece of Perth Real Estate you will need to learn why structures like skyscrapers stand up — and keep them from falling down —



When you have completed the Skyscraper Challenge you will be able to plan, design and redevelop, conserve and adapt.

BUILDING BIG: The Skyscraper Challenge

Monday mornings at Ace Forensic Engineering Lab are always busy. Today is no exception. Your desk is swamped with letters, faxes, and e-mails about skyscraper emergencies that happened over the weekend. It’s your job to investigate these troubled buildings and figure out how to fix them … fast!