Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.


Reconnect with our Heritage Buildings

Take a Closer Look at Some of Our Demolished Icons

So just how did Perth end up with a replica facade of the old Palace Hotel, and an imposing 52 storey skyscraper in its backyard? 

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Perth, Western Australia: The Palace Hotel 


The design and consulting practice, Woods Bagot, have recently refurbished and reconnected The Palace Hotel with its original design. Once again, it is one of the grand hotels of Perth.

The Project: 
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Your job as an urban planner is to think about your community.  You’ll look closely at all the different buildings and vacant lots on your block and develop a plan to meet the needs of your community. Think about existing problems, community concerns, and society trends.

As an architect you will design a building to meet the needs addressed by your urban-planner-self! You’ll turn the ideas into sketches, digital renderings, models, and plans.