Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.



Heritage Perth is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established by the City of Perth to promote our heritage as an important social, economic and educational asset for the whole community.

To help you discover Perth’s treasury of heritage places, Heritage Perth has developed a range of projects that provide exciting and enjoyable ways to explore the history and significance of our city through learning and discovery.

By encouraging a better understanding of our heritage places and stories, Heritage Perth is helping to ensure they have a place within our future.



Heritage is those things from the past which are valued enough today to save for the people of tomorrow.

Heritage can be TANGIBLE, such as buildings, artefacts, places or INTANGIBLE such as stories, songs, memories or traditions.

We classify heritage for its VALUES  and SIGNIFICANCE.

Cultural heritage is assessed by its Historical, Aesthetic, Scientific, Social and/or Spiritual values.

Heritage can have World, National or State classification or local or personal value.

Heritage does not have to be OLD!